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Social and Economic Development

Timoshenko K.Yu., Mineev A.A.

Editorial. Research on Socio-Economic Development of the Arctic Regions: а Multidisciplinary Approach

Olsen Ju., Nenasheva M.V., Hovelsrud G.K., Wollan G.

Island Communities’ Viability in the Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Arctic: The Role of Livelihoods and Social Capital

Høegh-Guldberg O., Seeler S.

National Identity as Driver of Tourism Development — the Study of Norway

Galustov K.A., Khodachek I.A.

Beyond Statistics: a Qualitative Study of Primary Sector Transformation in the Post-Soviet Russian Arctic

Grinerud K.

Road Transport Safety in Northern Norway: How Buyers of Road Transport Services Can Contribute to a Road Transport with fewer Accidents and Near-misses

Longi H., Niemelä S.

Drivers of the Innovation System and Role of Knowledge Application in Regional Innovation System — Case Oulu Region, Finland

Raspotnik A., Rottem S.V., Østhagen A.

The Blue Economy in the Arctic Ocean: Governing Aquaculture in Alaska and North Norway

Saunavaara Ju., Laine A.

Research, Development, and Education: Laying Foundations for Arctic and Northern Data Centers

Middleton A.

The Power of Connectivity in the Arctic: Citizen Participation in Arctic Institutions

Vasilyev A.M., Aleksandrova M.A.

Problems and Prospects of Atlantic Salmon Mariculture Development in the Russian Arctic

Vopilovskiy S.S.

Infrastructure Projects — General Resource for Increasing the Economic Potential of the Arctic

Serova N.A.

Long-term Dynamics of Economic Development of the Russian Arctic

Skufyina T.P., Korchak E.A., Baranov S.V.

Chimeras of the Past and Navigation through the Latest Development Conditions, Risks and Opportunities for Managing the Russian Arctic

Tsukerman V.A., Goryachevskaya E.S.

Assessment of Financial Opportunities for Implementation of Innovation Potential by Mining Enterprises of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy of the North and the Arctic

Badylevich R.V.

Analysis of Foreign Experience in the Financial Regulation of the Arctic Territories Development and Its Application in the Northern Regions of the Russian Federation

Brodt L.E.

Best Practices of Oil and Gas Companies to Develop Gas Fields on the Arctic Shelf

Druzhinin P.V., Shkiperova G.T.

Forecasting the Economic Growth Limitations in the Northern Regions Based on the “Sustainability Windows” Assessment

Chizhova L.A., Gubaidullin M.G.

Selection of HR-Strategy in the Location of the Transport-Technological System of Oil Fields in the Russian Arctic

Mustafaev A.A., Naydenov N.D., Novokshonova E.N.

Increasing the Multiplier Effect of the Agro-Industrial Complex in the Northern Region: New Guidelines for Strategic Development

Rodnina N.V.

The Food Security Doctrine: Regional Aspects

Serova N.A.

Peculiarities of Financing Road Activities in the Arctic Region: the Experience of the Murmansk Oblast

Khaimina L.E., Zelenina L.I., Khaimin E.S., Antufyev D.I.

Reindeer Tracking Technologies in the Russian Federation

Shchegolkova A.A.

Spatial Organisation of Gas Resources Development in the Yamal Oil and Gas Bearing Region

Political Processes and Institutions

Zhuravel V.P.

Arctic Council: Outcome of the First Year of the Icelandic Presidency

Kobzeva M.A.

Cooperation between Russia and China in Arctic Shipping: Current State and Prospects

Trubitsina O.P., Bashkin V.N.

Geopolitical Risks of Hydrocarbon Development in the Russian Arctic

Ushakova E.G.

Arctic Frontier: Ice Silk Road and Its Role in China's Advance to the Arctic

Zagorskiy A.V., Todorov A.A.

Military-Political Situation in the Arctic: Hotspots of Tension and Ways of De-Escalation

Pilyasov A.N., Tsukerman V.A.

Arctic Corporations and Development Risks: Challenge and Response

Kirgizov-Barskiy A.V.

European Union and Cooperation in the Arctic Council

Konyshev V.N., Lagutina M.L.

Human Security in the Arctic: Threats through the Prism of the "Northern Mentality"

Northern and Arctic Societies

Zaikov K.S., Kondratov N.A.

Contribution of Northern European Universities to the Implementation of Research Policy in the Arctic

Nedoseka E.V., Kozlovskiy V.V.

Regional Specifics of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Arctic Regions of the Russian Federation

Patonia А.

Trust in Ultima Thules: Social Capital and Renewable Energy Development in Iceland and Greenland. Part II

Timoshenko D.S.

Branding of the Arctic Tourism Destinations in Russia

Dyadik N.V., Chapargina A.N.

Digitalization in Education and Distance Barriers in the Russian Arctic: Problems and Prospects

Kuznetsova Ya.A.

Population Formation and Development Dynamics of the Russian Far North in the 1920s

Troshina T.I., Morozova O.M., Vorobyeva N.A.

Transformation Processes and Nutrition Factor in the Far North Residents' Resilience System

Tsvetkov A.Yu.

Logistic Basis for Organizing Weekend Recreation for the Population of the Arkhangelsk Urban Agglomeration

Gubina O.V., Provorova A.A.

The Role of Innovation in Solving the Demographic Problems of the Arctic: A Population Perception Study

Simakova A.V.

The Formation of a Career Trajectory by Students of Secondary Vocational Education in the Russian Arctic Zone

Sinitsa A.L.

Problems and Trends in the Development of Mass and Elitist Systems of General Education in the Far North

Suvorova I.M., Skoropadskaya A.A.

The Role of Self-Education in Preservation and Development of Human Capital in the Republic of Karelia: Socio-Cultural Aspect

Sukhanov G.G., Sukhanov S.G.

Doctrine on Food Security of Russia: Socio-Economic and Socio-Biological Aspects of Its Implementation in the Arctic

Fauzer V.V., Smirnov A.V., Lytkina T.S., Fauzer G.N., Klimenko V.A.

Small and Medium-Sized Towns in the Settlement System of the Russian North: 1939–2020

Kondratyeva S.V., Moroshkina M.V.

Tourism and Recreation of the Russian Arctic Population: Opportunities and Limitations

Skufina T.P., Samarina V.P., Baranov S.V., Bazhutova E.А.

Socio-Demographic Processes in the Russian Arctic in Statistical Assessments and Population Surveys

Terentyeva M.A.

Labor Market Features in the Russian North: Employment, Wages and the Role of Northern Allowances

Sharova E.N., Nedoseka E.V.

Vocational and Educational Attitudes of Young People in the Context of the Migration Outflow of the Population of the Arctic Territories (on the Example of the Murmansk Oblast)

Reviews and Reports

Starostin V.P.

Verkhoyansk Secondary School — the Oldest School in the Far North: The Beginning of a Long Journey

Zhuravel V.P.

The Arctic Business Trip of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.M. Sergeev to Yakutia: the Main Results and Prospects for Russian Science Development

Zaikov K.S., Sobolev N.A.

Marine Plastic Debris Pollution in the Western Sector of the Russian Arctic

Kudryashova E.V., Openkov M.Yu., Zhgileva L.A.

On the Methodology of Subglacial Oceans

Kvashnin Yu.N.

Yurak-Samoyeds: Problems of Ethnic Identification

Lobanov K.V., Chicherov M.V., Sharov N.V.

The 50th Anniversary of the Start of Drilling the Kola Superdeep Well

Nenasheva L.V.

Northern Miniature in the Ecclesiastic Book of the Early 19th Century

Bouffard T.J., Uryupova E., Dodds K., Romanovsky V.E., Bennett A.P., Streletskiy D.

Scientific Cooperation: Supporting Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring and Data Sharing

Lipina S.A., Lamov P.Yu.

Conservation and Evolution of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems: Polar Factor

Lukin Yu.F.

About Russian Alaska and Its Ruler A.A. Baranov

Simashko T.V., Maslova M.N., Morozova N.S.

Regional Linguistic Worldview Modelling Based on the Texts of Arctic Travels of the 18th – 19th Centuries