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No. 42

2021 год

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Social and Economic Development

Timoshenko K.Yu., Mineev A.A.

Editorial. Research on Socio-Economic Development of the Arctic Regions: а Multidisciplinary Approach

Olsen Ju., Nenasheva M.V., Hovelsrud G.K., Wollan G.

Island Communities’ Viability in the Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Arctic: The Role of Livelihoods and Social Capital

Høegh-Guldberg O., Seeler S.

National Identity as Driver of Tourism Development — the Study of Norway

Galustov K.A., Khodachek I.A.

Beyond Statistics: a Qualitative Study of Primary Sector Transformation in the Post-Soviet Russian Arctic

Grinerud K.

Road Transport Safety in Northern Norway: How Buyers of Road Transport Services Can Contribute to a Road Transport with fewer Accidents and Near-misses

Longi H., Niemelä S.

Drivers of the Innovation System and Role of Knowledge Application in Regional Innovation System — Case Oulu Region, Finland

Raspotnik A., Rottem S.V., Østhagen A.

The Blue Economy in the Arctic Ocean: Governing Aquaculture in Alaska and North Norway

Saunavaara Ju., Laine A.

Research, Development, and Education: Laying Foundations for Arctic and Northern Data Centers

Middleton A.

The Power of Connectivity in the Arctic: Citizen Participation in Arctic Institutions

Political Processes and Institutions

Zhuravel V.P.

Arctic Council: Outcome of the First Year of the Icelandic Presidency

Northern and Arctic Societies

Zaikov K.S., Kondratov N.A.

Contribution of Northern European Universities to the Implementation of Research Policy in the Arctic

Nedoseka E.V., Kozlovskiy V.V.

Regional Specifics of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Arctic Regions of the Russian Federation

Patonia А.

Trust in Ultima Thules: Social Capital and Renewable Energy Development in Iceland and Greenland. Part II

Timoshenko D.S.

Branding of the Arctic Tourism Destinations in Russia

Reviews and Reports

Starostin V.P.

Verkhoyansk Secondary School — the Oldest School in the Far North: The Beginning of a Long Journey