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    No. 38     No. 39

Social and Economic Development

Gurtov V.A., Stasevich A.V.

Competence centers for Arctic studies: thesis-based analysis

Pilyasov A.N., Putilova E.S.

New projects for the development of the Russian Arctic: space matters!

Tsvetkov A.Yu.

Transport and infrastructural basis of the tourism development strategy in the Arkhangelsk Oblast

Yakovchuk A.A.

Tourism industry development issues in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Bhagwat J.

Maritime Shipping on the Northern Sea Route: Need for Greater Emphasis on Mutual Cooperation and a Non-Negotiable Safety Culture. Part I

Sevastyanov D.V.

Arctic Tourism in the Barents Sea Region: Current Situation and Boundaries of the Possible

Tutygin A.G., Chizhova L.A., Regeta A.I.

Small Business in the Arctic: Background for Changing the Management Paradigm

Political Processes and Institutions

Bhagwat J.

Russia and India in the Arctic: a case for greater synergy

Uzkiy O.V.

Swedish Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council 2017–2019: Key Results and Achievements

Grinyaev S.N., Zhuravel V.P.

Integrated Security Issues in the Basic Principles of Russian Federation State Policy in the Arctic to 2035: Experience and Prospects for Implementation

Zaikov K.S., Kondratov N.A., Lipina S.A., Bocharova L.K.

Organizational Mechanisms for Implementing Russia's Arctic Strategy in the 21st Century

Popkova S.V., Zarubin L.S.

Relevant Aspects of International Legal Regulation of the Arctic Shipping

Todorov A.A.

Svalbard in the Context of Arctic Security

Northern and Arctic Societies

Zhuravel V.P.

The Arctic in 2019: international and national aspects (issues of international cooperation and security)

Korchak E.A.

The Arctic territories of Russia: long-term dynamics of the social space

Minaeva T.S., Karelin V.A.

Language contacts between Pomors and Norwegians during expeditions to Svalbard in the second half of the 18th — first half of the 19th centuries

Drannikova N.V.

Oral Stories about the Mezen Churches as a Subject of Interdisciplinary Research

Sinitsa A.L.

Revisiting the Quality of Area Planning Schemes in Terms of the Educational Institutions Network Development at the Municipal Level in the Extreme North Regions

Hanrahan M.

Wrangel Island as Actant in the Historical Geography of the Russian Arctic through a Mi’kmaw Lens

Reviews and Reports

Nenasheva L.V.

No righteous man exists without honoring books. Manuscript book of the Russian North of the 15th – 20th centuries (exhibition materials)

Slukovskii Z.I.

The New Book “Nature and Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic under the Influence of Climate Change and Industrial Development: the Murmansk Oblast”

Heininen L.

Overview of Arctic Policies and Strategies


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