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Editorial Policy. Aims & Scope

The policy of "Arctic and North" helps to ensure that published articles and reviews are in demand for research, PhD dissertation, state and municipal management, policy making and the development of the northern regions.

The publication activity of “AaN” is assessed by the RSCI. A hard copy of the journal is not published.

The Editorial Board of “AaN” is committed to the policy of openness and accessibility.  All articles are checked by the Antiplagiat system.

“Arctic and North” (“AaN”) is a periodical scientific online journal with an integrated approach to covering political, socio-economic, social and international problems of northern societies. The topics of published articles and reviews reflect research issues in the Arctic and the North. The scientific articles and reviews consider the Arctic and the North as the objects of research and are the subject to groups of specialties: Economic Sciences; Sociological Sciences; Political sciences.

The materials published in “Arctic and North” are in demand in research work, in the defense of dissertations for the academic degrees of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences, in the practice of state and municipal administration, policy development, implementation of socio-economic activities and development of northern Russian regions. The journal is intended for publishing the results of fundamental and applied scientific research by scientists around the world in the form of scientific articles, reviews, reports, and notes in the field of studying northern and arctic territories and societies. A mandatory requirement for articles is their thorough scientific study, the use of methodological techniques, and the primary publication of the prepared research text.

The journal is published in Russian and English, which ensures the availability of articles for readers from different countries.