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Economics, Political Science, Society and Culture

Valeriy P. Zhuravel

Russia in the Arctic. Will the State Commission be its helmsman?

Anna A. Koptyaeva

The international image of the state as an instrument of soft power

Nikolay A. Pegin

National Arctic Transport Line: problems and prospects

Evgeny E. Plisetsky

What problems people of the Berezovo village of the Khanty-Mansiisky Autonomous District — Yugra consider the major

Alexander Y. Tsvetkov

Mission in the strategic territory management (on the example of the Solovetsky Archipelago)

Ilya F. Vereschagin, Evgenia A. Sergicheva

Moral values in family relations of youth in Arkhangelsk

Olga V. Osipova, Elena G. Maklashova

Migration intentions of the Arctic youth in the context of subjective evaluations of the social wellbeing

Andrey O. Podoplekin

Social-psychological well-being of rural population in the White Sea coastal area as the risk factor for the Arctic policy

Boris G. Sherstyukov

The climatic conditions of the Arctic and new approaches to the forecast of the climate change

Aleksey V. Alsufev

Arctic projects of the Arkhangelsk Region

Yury A. Varfolomeev, Yury A. Arbuzov

Analysis of pricing and budget normalization for construction projects on the territory of the Russian Arctic

Nikolai P. Zalyvsky

The index of happiness in the Arctic: index measurement and comparison of the dynamics of Arctic economies

Svetlana A. Lipina

Innovative development vector of the coastal areas of the Russian Arctic

Anatoly V. Shevchuk, Valentin V. Kurteev

On the development of the main research areas of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Sandi Lansetti

The “keep in the ground future” of Arctic fossil fuel resources

Jukka Nyyssönen

A cosmopolitan, Sami-friendly scholar? Väinö Tanner on the best way to treat the Sami

Irina S. Astakhova, Liliya R. Zhdanova

The geological heritage of academic expeditions on the Arctic coast of European Russia

Kseniia S. Babenysheva

Ethnodemographic processes among the Sami of modern Norway

Polina S. Golomidova, Aleksander A. Saburov

State policy towards indigenous peoples of Alaska: historical review and contemporary issues

Dmitry P. Kondral, Nikolai A. Morozov

Studying the Russian Arctic: the experience of political analysis

Ekaterina S. Kotlova

Searching for balance: Swedish ethnic policy model today

Olga E. Medvedeva, Marina A. Vakula

Technique of the selection of investment projects for elimination of accumulated damage to the environment in the Russian Arctic based on cost-benefit analysis

Lia A. Melkaya

The possibilities of social planning in the aspect of training of children-northerners with special needs to independent adult life

Oleg V. Minchuk

Ethnonational policy of the Komi Republic: normative and infrastructural support

Olga O. Smirnova, Svetlana A. Lipina, Elena V. Kudryashova, Tatyana F. Krejdenko, Yulia N. Bogdanova

Creation of development zones in the Arctic: methodology and practice

Flera H. Sokolova

Migration processes in the Russian Arctic

Nikolay G. Shishatsky, Elena A. Bryukhanova, Valery S. Efimov, Alexander M. Matveev

Strategic positioning of the Arctic region as an object of territorial development (on the example of the Khatanga-Anabar region)

Problems of the Northern Sea Route Development

Vladimir S. Selin

Driving forces and development problems of cargo flows along the Northern Sea Route

Evgeniy E. Plisetskiy

Priorities of the strategic management and planning of the Northern Sea Route

Migration Processes

Aleksandr S. Konstantinov

Social composition of the population and migration on the Arkhangelsk North according to the census materials

Svetlana V. Saidanova, Galina N. Dernova

The region with the lowest attractiveness for young people?

Arctic Tourism in Russia

Natalia M. Byzova

The natural tourist potential of the islands in the western sector of the Russian Arctic

Elena I. Golubeva, Nadezhda I. Tulskaya, Maria V. Tsekina, Natalia I. Kirasheva

Ecological tourism in protected natural areas of the Russian Arctic: prospects and challenges

Viktor S. Kuznetsov

An integrated approach to tourism development in protected natural areas

Yury F. Lukin

Аrctic tourism: the rating of regions, the оpportunities and threats

Nadezhda K. Kharlampieva

Theory and methodology of the Arctic tourism development

Conservation of the Cultural and Natural Environment of the Arctic

Alexander P. Oboimov

Fedor Konyukhov’s dream

Vasiliy P. Koval, Dmitry N. Lyzhin

International environmental cooperation in the Arctic

Natalia Y. Shmakova, Evgenia F. Markovskaya

Еcophysiological characteristic of plants communities under the bird rookery of West Spitsbergen

The Arctic Twenty: 12 observer countries of the Arctic Council

Elena V. Ananieva, Natalia M. Antyushina

The Arctic policy of the UK

Natalia M. Antyushina

New comers of the Arctic Council open the Far North

Vladislav B. Belov

Germany's strategy for the Arctic

Sergey N. Grinyaev

The motives and interests of non-Arctic states on Arctic development

Valeriy P. Zhuravel

China, Republic of Korea and Japan in the Arctic: politics, economy, security

Valeriy P. Zhuravel, Artem P. Danilov

Singapore on the way to the Arctic

Maria L. Lagutina

Strategy of the Italian Republic in the Arctic

Yuri I. Rubinsky

Arctic interests and policy of France

Tatyana L. Shaumyan, Valeriy P. Zhuravel

India and the Arctic: environment, economy and politics

Reviews and Reports

Konstantin S. Zaikov, Marina R. Kalinina, Aleksander M. Tamitskiy, Aleksander A. Saburov, Evgeny A. Shepelev

Scientific and educational space of the Arctic: Norway

Yury F. Lukin

Russian Arctic or the Arctic zone

4th meeting of the Arctic Expert Club of NArFU named after M.V. Lomonosov

"Green economy: the environmental imperatives for economic development of the Russian Arctic”: Resolution of the round table

Anna M. Gornova

Review of fishing in the Arctic waters

Yury F. Lukin

The Arctic tourism in Russia