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Christmas interview of the Patriarch Kirill 7 January 2012 on the channel «Russia»

Social Philosophy

Komleva Е. А.

Natural-antropo-social phenomenon of nuclear energy

Lukin Y. F.

Arctic social fears

Gorelikov L. А.

Arctic project on the development of global society


Zaikov К. S, Nilsen I. P.

Norwegian-Russian Arctic frontier: from the whole districts to the Pomor region

Shybin S. I.

Energy of the North to the Synergetic of Russia

Konyshev V. N., Sergunin A. A.

The strategy of Canada in the Arctic and Russia: is it possible to find mutual understanding?

Lukin Y. F.

Putin’s breakthrough in Arctic

Morscikhina L. A.

« Arctic-Fund » − is the territory of dialogue

Zalivsky N. P.

The mission of Russia − is to be an example of building the world power with the optimal social – cultural model of the development of the nations

Lukin Y. F.

Stockman can’t be frozen

Portsel A. K.

Russia remains on Shpitsbergen

Ecology of the Arctic and the North, nature resources

Glyaznezova U. S., Zueva I. N., Chalaya О. N., Lifshiz S. H.

The questions of environmental monitoring and rehabilitation of oil-contaminated soils of the Arctic zone of Yakutia

Zelenina L. I., Fedkyshova S. I.

Forecasting and the results of climatic changes in the Arctic region

Human Capital

Palkina О. А.

Features of external respiration of female students in the conditions of the North

Social Sciences

Kashkina L. V.

Social well-being of the population of the mono-specialized city

Vyazmin A. M., Sannikov A. L., Mordovsky E. A.

Social and medical problems of the population of the circumpolar countries – challenges of the modern development of the Arctic

Akimova Z. I., Nikonova L. I.

Museums and ethno tourism in the promoting the ethno culture of the Arctic in-habitants in the social space of the North: to the problem through the research experience of Mordovia Diaspora in Siberia and the central part of Russia

Boyakova S. I.

Russian old-settlers Yakutia: culture and landscape

Vinokurova D. M.

Migration and family-marriage relationships – are the challenges of modern time: Gender aspect (according to the sociological researchers)

Vinokurova L. I.

Russian woman in the rural Yakutia in the second half of the ХХ century

Nazarenko A. P.

The problem of the social exclusion of the working emigrants in the light of the development of the Arkhangelsk region

Fillipova V. V.

Indigenous people of the North in the Arctic area of Yakutia: geo-informational research of the settlement in the ХХ century

Biological Sciences

Erofeevskaya L. A., Aleksandrov A. R.

The influence of radio nuclides on the soil microbial community on the territory of the underground nuclear explosion ‛Kraton- 3’ (Yakutia)


Egorov А. М.

Heroic contribution of Pskov in the protection of the Russian North during the “northern” wars at the end of XVI − to the beginning of XVIII centuries

Martinov А. Y.

The islands of the White Sea, from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages (the ancient development of the White Sea islands on archaeological data)

Zobnin A. N.

To the question about the Northern Sea Route in the history of the Polar expedi-tion of V. Rusanov

Fedorov P. V., Golovach R. I.

The historical types of the settlements on the Kola Peninsula, like landscape ‛texts’ of the Russian exploration

Economics and Management

Yurkov D. V.

The management of the regional informatization

Kibitkin A. I., Smirnova K. A.

Sustainable use of natural resources in the Arctic in the field of industrial fisheries (social-economic and environmental issues)

Andrianov V. A.

Formation of the transport infrastructure of the Russian sector of the Arctic in the XXI century

Timoshenko A. I.

Projects of the territorial and productive complexes in the Arctic: the soviet experiment and the modern situation

Geography, Biology

Kupershtoh N. A.

The researchers of the Melnikov Permafrost Institute of SB RAS as the basis for the modern «Arctic breakthrough»

Repnitsyna О. N., Popova L. F.

The transformation of the mobile forms of the copper in the seasonally frozen soils of the Arkhangelsk region

New Publications

Ershova U. V.

NATO's actions in the Arctic and their influence on the militarization of the region

Gnezdov S. V.

About the new book of L. I. Nevzorov ‛Tracks of the vagabonds’

Fedorov P. V.

Who cultivated Russian North? Objection to the Norwegian author

The results of the photo competition «My North. My Arctic»

Resolution XV Selovetsky Forum «Russian Arctic: history, present, perspectives»




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Elert A. K.

New book about Arctic – 'Directions of the projects in the high latitudes' (Novosibirsk: Science, 2011. 440 p.)