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No. 48

2022 год

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Social and Economic Development

Belov S.V., Skripnichenko V.A., Ushakova V.A.

Mining-Geological and Economic Characteristics of Lead-Zinc Ore Deposits in the Russian Arctic

Vasilyev A.M., Lisunova E.A.

Problems of Improving the Socio-Economic Efficiency of Fishing Activities in the Arctic

Sergeeva K.I., Mironenko K.A.

Development of Small and Medium-Sized Business in the Arkhangelsk Oblast

Skufina T.P., Baranov S.V., Samarina V.P.

Analysis of Forecasting Documents for the Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Arctic

Tutygin A.G., Chizhova L.A., Urykov V.A.

Industrial Policy and Transformation of the Consumer Market of the Russia’s Arctic Regions

Political Processes and Institutions

Bhagwat J.V.

Arctic Military Posturing and Its Influence on the Development of the Northern Sea Route

Northern and Arctic Societies

Korchak E.A.

Socio-Labor Potential of Youth in the Russian Arctic: Reproduction Problems

Maksimov A.M.

Intergenerational Differences of the Religiosity Level of Russian Arctic Residents in the Context of the Values Transformation in the Russian Society

Pilyasov A.N., Molodtsova V.A.

Assessment of the Governance of Arctic Cities in the Resilience Context

Reviews and Reports

Astakhova I.S., Zhdanova L.R.

Preservation of Geological Material and History of Karst Formations Discoveries in the Pechora-Severouralskiy Speleological Area and Adjacent Territories

Dokuchaev A.Ya., Vaks Yu.A., Lobanov K.V., Kulakov F.V., Chicherov M.V.

The First Scientific Expeditions to the Bering Strait and to the Russian Colonies in America

Zhuravel V.P.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2022) and Its Arctic Agenda

Zaikov K.S., Bhagwat J.V.

India’s Arctic Policy: The Historical Context

Lukin Yu.F.

A Word about the "Russian North" Concept

Fauzer V.V.

The Russian and World Arctic — a Monographic Study of Demographers, Sociologists and Economists