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Social and Economic Development

Zadorin M.Yu., Mitko A.V., Razinkova E.O., Ramseier N.F.L.

The state and perspectives of development of the domestic shipbuilding in the North in the first half of the 19th century through the eyes of provincial officials (data of the State Archive of the Arkhangelsk region)

Kudryashova E.V., Sorokin S.E.

The “third mission” in the Arctic universities’ development strategies

Olsen K.

Indigenous tourism and the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR)

Pilyasov A.N., Zamyatina N.Yu.

Development of the North 2.0: challenges of making a new theory

Serova N.A., Gutov S.V.

Key trends of investment development in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in 2008–2017

Zaikov K.S., Kondratov N.A., Kudryashova E.V., Lipina S.A., Chistobaev A.I.

Scenarios for the development of the Arctic region (2020–2035)

Ivanov V.A.

Conditions and opportunities to realize the agricultural potential of the North

Mineev A.A.

Development of regional business cooperation: the experience of Northern Norway and how it can be applied to Russia

Korchak Е.А.

The role of labor potential in the sustainable development of the Russian Arctic

Kryukova N.V.

Legal regulation of the traditional (native) Pacific walrus harvest in Russia

Serova N.A., Serova V.A.

Critical tendencies of the transport infrastructure development in the Russian Arctic

Osipova E.S., Smirnov S.V., Khairova T.A.

Preconditions for the development of Russian Arctic export, coastal (cabotage) transportation and project cargo for the arctic demand

Sinitsa A.V.

The education system development as a factor in the demographic growth of the Far North of Russia

Skufina T.P., Bazhutova E.A., Samarina V.P.

Entrepreneurial activity in the Russian Arctic territories compared to the all-Russian situation

Political Processes and Institutions

Todorov A.A.

Future work of the International Seabed Authority in the context of the Arctic governance

Voronenko A.L., Greizik S.V.

Prospects of cooperation between Russia and North-East Asian countries in the Arctic region

Emelyanova E.E.

System problems and directions of municipal development of the Russian Arctic

Gudev P.A.

New risks and opportunities for interstate cooperation in the Arctic

Todorov A.A., Lyzhin D.N.

The UK’s interests in the Arctic

Kim M., Marchenkov M.L.

The Republic of Korea and the Arctic region: from policy formulating to policy making

Tulupov D.S., Tsarenko E.V.

European Union’s approach to the Arctic policy development through the lens of the Russian regional interests

Northern and Arctic Societies

Vereschagin I.F., Maksimov A.M.

Ethnic and confessional factors of comfort of the urban space in the Russian Arctic

Sokolova F.Kh., Zolotarev O.V., Maksimova L.A., Sibiryakov I.V.

Strategic priorities and forms of the applying ethnopolitics in the Arctic areas of the Russian Federation

Kvashnin Yu.N.

"This family has been found and is now located in Obdorsk region…" (reflections on the list of Samoyeds of Berezovsky district in 1832)

Panikar M.M., Sokolova F.Kh., Shaparov A.E., Zolotarev O.E., Kapitsyn V.M.

Integration mechanisms for immigrants in Norway and Russia: a comparative analysis

Galimullin E.Z.

Migration attitudes and mechanisms for attracting young people to the Russian Arctic

Fedulova A.B.

Recovery technology of social work — an important condition for maintaining and ensuring family safety (case of the Arkhangelsk Oblast)

Lytkina T.S., Smirnov A.V.

Expulsions in the Russian North: migration processes and neoliberal policy

Nedoseka E.V., Zhigunova G.V.

Features of local identity of single-industry town residents (the case of the Murmansk Oblast)

Reviews and Reports

Avdonina N.S., Vodyannikova O.I., Zhukova A.A.

The problems of the Arctic region in modern international journalism: examples and features

Gianesin E.

Arts unite: The Third International Snow Festival in Tromsø

Golovnev I.A.

The Arctic in the Soviet cinema lens: “Two Oceans” by Vladimir Shneiderov

Kapitsyn V.M., Shaparov A.E., Kovalenko V.I., Magomedov A.K

On the collective monograph “Ethnonational processes in the Arctic: trends, problems, and prospects”

Kochemasova E.Yu., Zhuravel V.P., Sedova N.B.

On scientific approaches to the Arctic boundaries’ delimitation

Vaisberg L.A.

Review of the monograph “The Arctic: a Development Strategy”

Voronenko A.L.

Overview of the recent US legislative initiatives for the Arctic development

Zarubina L.A.

“Cold Peace in the Arctic”: prospects for cooperation between Russia and Western Europe in the Arctic were discussed in Oslo

Tevlina V.V., Soleim M.N.

A large-scale meeting of Nordic and Russian historians, philologists and archaeologists in Arctic Norway

Butorin M.V.

District newspapers as a chronicler of the Arkhangelsk North history

Drannikova N.V.

Review on the book “Historical Essays about Life on the Islands of the Northern Dvina Delta” by M.A. Lukina

Mitko V.B., Minina M.V., Mitko A.V.

History and activities of the Arctic Public Academy of Sciences